A - BFM0003 | Various Artists - Rheintal Chillout 3

Various Artists, Rheintal Chillout 3
Format:Compilation | Digital + CD
  1. Soehngenetic – Playing Outside
  2. Rheintal Project – Fliessen
  3. Shenisa – Anaisa Pie
  4. SpaceTourist & M.Lopp – Re:
  5. Blackfish feat. Vera Bockelmann – Have You Been
  6. Rheintal Project – Reflect
  7. Kreuzer & Friedrich – Indoor Island
  8. Soehngen – Farting Fog Force
  9. Blackfish – Seeking
  10. Maximilian Lopp – Slo Mo
  11. Pearlcoder – Press Dub Mode
  12. Maximilian Lopp – Free Your Mind
  13. Blackfish – Outdoors
  14. Stefan Kaps – Boardwalk

We start the third round of the “Rheintal Chillout” series and are proud, that we have assembled a fine collection of electronic music again. The mixture is perfect for a journey through the young Rhine Valley: – hidden coves where time stands still for a moment – High-altitude vantage points with breathtaking views of the valley. It is an unbelievable experience of meditation and the “Rheintal Chillout 3” provides the perfect musical mood. The music alternates between faster rhythms and slow downtempo beats, always careful not to tear the attentive listener from his hypnosis, but also not to put him into a deep sleep. Mind on boring and inconsequential lounge music, we do not care – each track is produced with love and passion for electronic music and each track tells its own story.

Here's some information about the artists and tracks:
Soehngenetic , known for his musical contributions to Space Night and Flow Motion, contributed two exceptional tracks with : “Playing Outside” is the promising opener of the “Rheintal Chillout 3” (from the Soehngenetic album “Pseudolectual” ) and already published in 2009 entitled “Farting Fog Force “.
Specially for this compilation, the “Rheintal Project” was launched to create music that has emerged from the infinite inspiration of this region: the tunes “Fliessen” and “Reflect” belong to the classic downbeat Group.
Shenisa, who has recently published the EP “Rising High”, provides the tune “Anaisa Pie”, a dreamy and contemplative adventure.
Stefan Biermann, known as “Gate Zero” by his publications on the legendary Frankfurt based label “Fax”, has produced here under his pseudonym SpaceTourist along with Maximilian Lopp an exciting liquid drumandbass track .
We proudly present as well two unreleased tracks from the new album of the worldwide known project Blackfish – for the song “Have you been”, there is a very nice little story : The vocal recordings were made in a bully, parked on a main street in Bingen – the singer Vera Bockelmann and Maximilian Lopp met there during last fall, carrying a laptop and a microphone under his arm . Subsequently, the song was then finalized in the studio – the original vocal recordings became so characteristic that they have been kept in the final version of the song.
Stefan Kreuzer and Jörg Friedrich a.k.a. “Kreuzer & Friedrich”, whose album “Analog Digital” has recently been published as digital download and CD, are represented with the tune “indoor Island”. By the way, Stefan Kreuzer is one of the German chillout pioneers par excellence : he was one of the first German Chillout DJ's and has been organized regularly chillout parties since the early 90ies. He played music in Sevn Väth 's Bed – restaurant “Silk” (Cocoon Club Frankfurt) from the very first time.
A very special tip is also the dub track “Press Dub Mode” by Pearlcoder and, last, but not least Stefan Kaps with the sunny, groovy tune “Boardwalk”, which sounds almost like a transition to the next Rheintal Chillout.

We can proudly say: We have chosen 100% artists who make music out of pure passion and we have united them all on this unique compilation as a distinctive soundtrack for one of the most beautiful spots in Europe.
released 15 November 2013


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