BFP 025 | Shenisa - Rising High

Shenisa, Rising High
Format:Digital EP
  1. Anaisa Pie
  2. Rising High
  3. Jazzilavon (Senseque Remix)
  4. Birds in The Sky
  5. In My Arms

Shenisa's singing career started with a 2 year education at the Scream Factory in Frankfurt, a school for singing and performing arts founded by George List. Upon completion she became a singer and songwriter for a Dance and House project named Funkfood. In the year 2002 she became a performer and background singer for the Snoux-Entertainment Group, a local RB and Soul collaboration. Touring throughout Germany, SEG opened for performers such as Montell Jordan and Coolio. After that invaluable experience, Shenisa decided to become a solo-artist, and began to record song after song, searching for her range as a vocal artist which she presented live at the festival Sounds of Frankfurt on the main stage of the radio station Hr3. At the end 2005 Shenisa began working with the DJ and Production team Pearlcoder. It has become a match made in heaven, or at least the studio as the sounds produced by this team have used the incredible range of Shenisa's voice and the impressive talents of Kriss and Joerg, to combine Soul, Jazz, House, R&B and Electronic. Shenisa has combined her love for various forms of music such as reggae, jazz and soul to create a voice that is powerful and rich. As a songwriter her lyrics are sarcastic, motivating, provocative and ironic. The production team is Kriss Lomax and Joerg Friedrich, they are responsible for the amazing sound of Electro, Ambient and Lounge. Their career began with House, Vocal-House and Electronic music, and because of these roots the sounds they create are destined to become classics.
The new EP “Rising High” presents the sound from the live perfomance from Shenisa & Pearlcoder.
It`s a fine appetizer for the coming Album in 2013.


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