BFP 020 | Johannes Albert - Scruffy Dogs & Filthy Loops

Johannes Albert, Scruffy Dogs & Filthy Loops
Format:EP | Digital
  1. New Games
  2. What U Feel
  3. 5 Point 2
  4. Skitty Disk

We continue our EP Series from Blackfish Productions with this outstanding new release. As previously demonstrated, we do not feel it necessary to be prejudice towards one specific musical genre in releasing soulful music. We continue to direct our focus on high quality and passionate artists, which have come along to become a part of blackfish productions, and this is not a question of the genre. This time around, Johannes Albert has entered the blackfish arena. He has been making his way, as a DJ since the mid nineties, and his fortunate audience and listeners continue to grow and expand. With his tasteful DJ-sets, he has defined his personal conviction of DEEPNESS. Well, this is his DJ life – it is an overdue transition towards audio production and the creation of his own tunes; it proves absolutely worthwhile! We are proud to present an EP, which is self assertive without being overly invasive or rigid. Johannes is one of the few artists within the vast house-jungle with such an irreplaceable style. With his driving melodies on the slappy and cool sound-construction, he creates an atmosphere that one cannot simply escape. The interaction between the precise and stylishly placed percussion sounds, high-hats, as well as the vocal shredding develops an intricate undercurrent through the track. As with all releases, we do not wish to sell you with our description; listen to it yourself, be captured, and be inspired!

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