BFP 017 | Pearlcoder - Illex

Pearlcoder, Illex
Format:Album | Digital
  1. Plastic On Mars
  2. Dollars On Beach
  3. Dont Freak Up
  4. Aiiiicon
  5. Masamba feat Ozcylofi (Tronix Remix)
  6. Press Dub Mode
  7. Mojito Al La Playa
  8. Sunday Morning
  9. Granular Flower
  10. Toy Story
  11. Mono Two
  12. Sex L
  13. Jazzilavon feat. Shenisa (Senseque Remix)

It has been a long time since we released our last complete full length album “pole navigation” on blackfish productions. After at last 12 EP’s and one label-compilation, the time has come to continue our releases of high class electronic music with this longplayer. You might remember the EP No. 6 Pearlcoder – Oyster Lounge in 2008? Well, the guys from pearlcoder are shooting off their first studio album now. Illex contains 14 supreme electronic tracks their best production work since their foundation in the late 90ies. After piles of compilations and maxi releases in the past, the tide was high for a full class artist record. The Album covers a wide range of musical styles from pure ambient, trip hop over melancholic grooves to atmospheric soundscapes. All in all a terrific combination of warm lounging vibes mixed up with crunchy basslines. The music stays ways in touch with the underground scene and you will surely recognize that the tunes on ILLEX have one thing in common: pure passion. By the way: Illex is a latin word – just have a quick view at the cover, maybe you will find out what it meens ;) The Album Including also Remixes of Granular Flowers by Gabriel le Mar, Jazzilavon by Senseque and a collaboration Title Masamba with Ozcylofi. Illex is a must for listeners of deep atmospheric and electronic ambient music.


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