BFP 012 | Blackfish - Remember

Blackfish, Remember
Format:EP | Digital
  1. State Of Time
  2. Dive
  3. Pacific Harbour
  4. Apartfrom
  5. Delta
  6. Emersion
  7. Unexpected
It´s about four years ago, since the last blackfish album got released on maxelect records. Here we finally got a new sight by blackfish on the surface again. Max and Andi got deep in the archives and they found some classic pearls of the production period 1997 till 2001. These are unreleased tracks of their work around the debut album Pole Navigation in 2001 and before. It´s a same to forgot all about these beautiful songs from the early days of trip hop and chillout music. The 7 track ep remember 1997 – 2001 is an outstanding collection of never heard songs by blackfish, strictly for fans and lovers of the elementary electronic chillout sound. To full fill that classic bundle of unreleased songs, we´re happy to re-release the first public song of blackfish ever. Apartfrom got out on inside 02 compilation by poets clubs records in 1997. Even though, the rare classic “a state of time”, an exclusive production for walldorf records, did find it´s place on that selection of beautiful memories. Get back with us to a time where music was pure and infinite passion. Credits: All songs are written and produced by Maximilian Lopp (Edition Freibank Hamburg)

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