BFP 011 | Attic Tree - Below the surface

Attic Tree, Below the surface
Format:EP | Digital
  1. Breakup (Feat. Jazzmadass & Tobi Hoffmann)
  2. Fatcap
  3. Remember
  4. Central Line
  5. 80 Percent Truth
  6. Rainy Dayz (Original)
Following their successful debut album gates of time in 2007 on Toptrax, attic tree is putting out 6 brand new songs from their archives. We are happy to continue the blackfish productions ep series by number nine. This time attic tree provides an unforgettable musical trip thru urban music culture. Maximilian Lopp and Andreas Bassermann, the producers behind, tied up a delicious combination of funk, jazz and deep electronic instrumentals. Warm and tender rhodes surrounded by a fresh atmospheric synthesiser soundscape. A groovy beat served on a punching bass line, these are the secret ingredients of their tasty sound mixture. After their appearance on established compilations like Brazilectro, Cocoon Silk, Asia Lounge and Café Solaire, they show you songs from backstage. It´s an exclusive collection of unique sound pearls from underneath the horizon. Following up their successful cooperation with musicians like Sumera Espinel, Tinky Kerruish, Fola Dada, MC Santana and DJ Double D, this time they received support by DJ Jazzmadass (resident DJ King-Kamehameha Suite) and The guys on drums – Percussionist Tobi Hofmann. Even though, the English saxophone genius Gavin Randle joint their studio sessions for below the surface ep. Credits: The cover image is a courtesy of Bildhauer Photo GmbH – Heidelberg. Big Thanks to Ruediger and Thilo for their friendly support. All songs are written and produced by Maximilian Lopp (Edition Freibank Hamburg) and Andreas Bassermann.

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