BFP 007 | Pearlcoder - Oyster Lounge

Pearlcoder, Oyster Lounge
Format:EP | Digital
  1. Meco
  2. Don't Freak Up
  3. Bella Note
  4. Sex L
  5. Love 4 2

Behind pearlcoder youll find two extraordinary electronic music producers Jörg Friedrich and Christoph Berlinski from Frankfurt Germany. Both are well experienced artist with tons of releases under numerous projects. They ought to continue the high quality blackfish-production ep series on the Issue 6. Oyster ep is just a little suggestion on the hudge repertoire they provide. This time youll going to listen a round trip to mysterious soundscapes and distinctive electronic beats. Jörg and Christoph will show you synthetic spaces, you had never heard before. A perfect beat with empathetic arrangement will definitely take you on a trip thru space and time. Jörg and Christoph kicked off their musical work in the early days of techno music. The music scene of Frankfurt in early 90ies was the playground – Roland TB 303 and Akai Sampler the toys to put in a good use. It was a glorious time to remember – admitted Christoph always with a smile. Jörg had his first appearance as a local DJ at Radio Stations and they had been spending hours and hours at clubs like Omen or the legendary Music-Hall for musical research. The first come out happened 1993 with release of the project Angel Dust on Liquid Records. The music scene was growing so fast and both kept up the view on the horizon. Jörg and Christoph got around Germany and played numerous live sets at Clubs from Hamburg to Munich. In the late nineties, they realised a passion for chilled moods and atmospheric sounds. There were a reformation needed and everything ready for set up a new course. The foundation of pearlcoder was done with the release of Avenue 7 on the compilation Chillinin Ibiza. Releases by pearlcoder followed up by well known compilations Ayia Napa (ZYX Music), Silk Pearls (Cocoon Records) and many more. For the upcoming pearlcoder Album, they start up collaboration with the well known and international accepted DJ Stefan X. Keep track on the upcoming Longplayer and check out a beautiful piece in DJ-mixsessions by strictly pearlcoder vibes. Jörg and Christoph got even more styles to show. Recently they finished work with musicians like Doug Laurent (Culture Beat), Larry London (Supermax), Ozcylofi Beat, Walick and many many more. Currently they work out a strictly Hip Hop and RnB project with Shenisa Lavon. We are pretty sure, there will be more to come in the future.

all tracks written & produced by Jörg Friedrich & Christoph Berlinski


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