BFP 006 | Canedrive - Loose Ends

Canedrive, Loose Ends
Format:EP | Digital
  1. Horns At The Ready
  2. Poise
  3. Autumn Lift
  4. No Regret
  5. Gospel

Canedrive in his other life is known as Corin Foster from the Midlands, UK. He is the producer of Blackfish Productions fifth EP (Loose Ends) and the latest member of the Blackfish Productions family. His distinctive sound is driven with some excellent down-tempo beats, creating a thickly layered ocean-deep atmosphere, which pulls the listener into his spell. Soft violins, unusual electronic samples and analogue synthesizer have hardly been arranged more excitingly. The subtly used vinyl scratches, concise vocal deposits, profound basslines and mysterious choir chants mix the most diversified sound cocktail stirred, not shaken! The listener will immediately recognize Canedrive as an artist with an extensive musical background. His well frequented Myspace profile ( shows you the whole range of influences on his music, stretching from Portishead and Nightmares on Wax all the way to Funk legend James Brown, teenage angst kings The Cure and the aggressive urban sound masters Public Enemy. The influence of Techno music on his sound can also not be underestimated, although it may not be immediately apparent. Corin made his first steps into electronic music in the mid 90s, equipped only with an AKAI sampler unit and an Atari ST computer. The sampler being the unique feature of modern electronic music production captivated the then 17-year-old, and enabled him to put every conceivable sound into his compositions. Attracted by these possibilities and also driven by his restless creative energy he moved through Britains music scene apace. Seeking the perfect beat he went from Hip Hop via Funk to the Rare Groove scene of the UK, and back. After a few years he found himself more and more drawn to the after party sound whilst sitting at the controls in the studio. He then decided to make a living by combining music production and spinning records as a DJ capable of playing House, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, and Chillout sets. The years he spent touring clubs all over the UK refined his style and brought us the distinctive Canedrive sound of today. We are immensely proud to release this EP from a mercilessly talented musician like Corin. Sit down, enjoy and relax! If you ask yourself who made the great cover Artwork: it was done by Joanna Muskalska. Some Quotes: Aaron O'Connor (Sysex records, USA): Im overwhelmed with amazement Simon Langham (UK): K&D Sessions springs to mind The Mystic Force (, Belgium): subliminal soundscapes & spooky vocal, sounds really exotic…. Harmen Ebbinge (Juicy Lounge Bar, Netherlands): Will definately be played in the early hours Boris Gluck (Club Five/Progressive Felonies, USA): Nicely done, really good downtempo, relax and chill…

all tracks written & produced by corin forster


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