BFP 004 | Blackfish - Remixes

Blackfish, Remixes
Format:EP | Digital
  1. Slop Shop – Gone (Blackfish Rmx)
  2. Soehngen – Good Bye Lime Tree (Blackfish Rmx)
  3. Beanfield – Human Patterns (Blackfish Rmx)
  4. Blackfish – Hidden Shore (Asia Mix)
  5. SpaceTourist – Just Another Day (Blackfish Rmx)

“Blackfish” is well known for it's atmospheric downtempo music since for more than 5 years now. On our upcoming 3rd EP, we have selected 5 remixes which reflect all the styles which have been driven by Blackfish in the last few years. We are featuring on this EP some well known great remixes, such as Beanfield “Human Patterns” (Compost Records) or Slop Shop “Gone” (Poets Club Records). Furthermore, we are including 2 previously unreleased tracks and a special asia mix out of blackfish's “hidden shore”. The challenge of all of our EP's has been to create a kind of mini-album – a collection of tracks which can be seen as a complete work. Well, we think our new EP is a very good example of this!

Track 1: composed by J. Peter Schwalm p+c 2002 Poets Club Records published by Edition Outshine/BMG Ufa Add. Remix production by Maximilian Lopp

Track 2: composed by Christoph Soehngen p+c 2006 Echorec published by Freibank add. Remix production by Maximilian Lopp

Track 3: composed by Jan Krause, Tobias Meggle p+c 2001 Compost Records published by Klangwart Musikverlag/AMV Alster Add. remix productions by Maximilian Lopp

Track 4: composed by Maximilian Lopp, Andreas Baßermann p+c 2004 Maxelect Records Add. Remix production by Maximilian Lopp & Andreas Baßermann

Track 5: composed by Stefan Biermann p+c 2006 Gate Zero Music Add. Remix production by Maximilian Lopp


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